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Software Update
A new patch is available to clients using the VMS Info media intelligence...


29 June 2012 | 5 comments
New Business Outcomes Metric
VMS Info has begun to measure new metrics to better determine how businesses...

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News Spotlight

VMS Info Offers Businesses eCommerce Through Internet TV Technologies

70 million U.S. households now have HDTVs, and a growing number of those television sets have Internet capabilities. With many Americans using services like Roku and Netflix to stream a larger variety of content, many businesses are looking for new, intuitive ways to reach out to this growing audience of Internet-connected TV viewers.

VMS Info, a television marketing company that delivers media intelligence services for mid-to-large businesses, is set to bring eCommerce software solutions to television sets around the United States. The marketing service has significant experience developing high-quality marketing analyses and accurate information about television viewers, and this experience makes a move into direct-through-TV commerce a logical move.

eCommerce software supplier Lead Commerce will assist VMS Info in offering a safe, easy way to sell products through Internet TV services like Google TV and Roku. Lead Commerce specializes in eCommerce software with product management, user management controls and other advanced features that give businesses new ways to attract and hold customers.

TV commerce is an exciting prospect for many businesses. While Americans now spend as much time on the Internet as they spend watching TV, the television commands more attention and works better than other media for selling some types of products. However, TV viewers need a fast way to purchase services and products that they see on their screens.

Viewers who use Roku, Google TV and other technologies might have a more advanced understanding of technology than the average television viewer, but they still need a fast, simple payment system in place to make onscreen purchases. VMS Info and Lead Commerce will provide this type of simple, intuitive system to give medium to large-sized businesses an inventive new way to reach out to their audiences.